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Chamber Staff - Dixie Johnson, Executive Director
by Dixie Johnson
Executive Director
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

This article was published in the “Community Perspective” column
of  The Sheridan Press, May 28, 2011.

 The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce works hard to keep to our mission of being the proactive voice of local business, working for the promotion, protection and prosperity of our members.  We encourage businesses to become a part of our organization and believe very strongly that every business and  non-profit organization should join.  But, I can’t expect people to beat down our doors based on hearing our mission statement alone.  What I know we must offer our members, both current and potential, is honest to goodness value, through our member benefits and resources. 

Today’s world is loaded with marketing options.  However, businesses still struggle to find inexpensive ways to increase their marketing efforts along with their local visibility.  They know that by doing both, they are more likely to produce more sales and opportunities.  The Chamber helps increase access and visibility by providing marketing opportunities that include networking and low cost advertising. 

Through the Chamber’s seminars, groups, luncheons and various business and community committees, there’s no excuse for not being able to meet new contacts.  Referrals and other people who can help create new ideas and additional ways to grow a business can be found through the form of networking. The Chamber of Commerce gives businesses several different venues to meet new people. The two largest and regular recurring events for Sheridan County Chamber members are the Business and Bites Monthly Luncheon Program, which occurs every second Wednesday of each month, and Business After Hours, which occurs every third Wednesday of each month.  As a Chamber member, businesses will have multiple opportunities a year to network with other business professionals.

Along with networking, low cost advertising helps create a positive outcome for businesses that join the Chamber of Commerce.  As far as visibility at the local level, our Chamber organization offers a wide range of affordable advertising options and sponsorship packages.  For the price of a few ads with traditional media, a business can often sponsor an entire program with the Chamber. This allows a company to create a short presentation, meet new prospects and follow up with other businesses and companies that may have a need for their products or services.  A few of the events the Sheridan County Chamber is involved with, creating sponsorship opportunities, include Third Thursday Street Festivals, the 4-H Buyers Reception, Career Expo, Celebrate the Arts, Christmas Stroll, Legislative Forum and Real Life Fair, not to mention the various business workshops hosted by the Chamber throughout the year.

We believe our Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is the eyes and ears of the community.  We have a passion for helping businesses and companies grow and prosper. It’s all a part of “supporting those who support you.” 

For more information on the benefits of becoming a Chamber member, please drop in or call my office any time.

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