Quality of Life – Big Positive for Sheridan (part 4 of 5)

Sheridan Mayor - Dave Kinskey

This Guest Commentary is the fourth in a five-part series about employment/jobs in our community, by Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey. Originally published in The Sheridan Press on February 11, 2012.

“I share the optimism of so many in Sheridan that we have a brighter jobs future ahead if we continue to work together.” – Mayor Dave Kinskey

As outlined in prior columns a business owner looking to expand or relocate will ask four questions about a community.  First, they want to know about taxes and regulations; second, whether they can hire the right kind of people; third, they’ll want to know about quality of life; and finally they will want to know how soon they can get started.

This column addresses the fourth of those, what is your quality of life?

Anybody in Sheridan can render a great testimonial in answer to this question.

After all, that is why we are here.

Start with the Bighorn Mountains and the spectacular scenery, or the fact that Sheridan is an outdoor lover’s dream with fishing, hunting, hiking, cross country skiing, biking and recreational vehicle riding.

We are close to Yellowstone Park, the Black Hills, Devils Tower, Custer Battlefield – – as well as all of our own local historical sites.

Our schools are top notch.  We have a low crime rate.

We have strong philanthropic foundations and a great base of volunteers that “make things happen” in this beautiful and caring community.

We have a great healthcare system.

We have a strong agricultural jobs base, as well as the energy sector and travel and tourism.  We want to hang on to those and encourage them.

We want to encourage businesses in certain targeted job segments to expand or relocate to Sheridan – – employers who create high paying jobs and who welcome our quality of life.

It is all these things that led National Geographic to name Sheridan as one of the top 100 adventure towns – two years running!

 News Max Magazine named us as one of the Top Twenty Five Cities and Towns with the Best American Values.  We have been recognized as one of the Top Ten Great Neighborhoods in America.

And, of course, True West Magazine named Sheridan as the number one western town in America.

To our quality of life you can add the recognition of Wyoming by US News and World Report, The Tax Foundation and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best places to do business.  In summation you have a dynamite combination that is very appealing to American entrepreneurs and families.

You can learn more by going to the Business Development Guide available on the City’s website at www.sheridanwy.net.  It contains valuable information about our quality of life as well as other information for businesses considering expanding and or relocating and thereby creating jobs. 

In the next column I will address the fourth and last of the questions any business looking to expand or relocate will ask: How soon can I get started?

I share the optimism of so many in Sheridan that we have a brighter jobs future ahead if we continue to work together.

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