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Chamber Staff - Dixie Johnson, Executive Director

Dixie Johnson
Executive Director
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

This article was published in the “Community Perspectives” column
of The Sheridan Press, March 27, 2012.

What fun it is to anticipate what your next question will be!

That’s part of “life in an information hub” – fielding questions from businesses, residents, travelers passing through, and people all over the country. The questions come by phone, by email, or here at the front counter in the Welcome Center which the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce calls home. And we, like the other “information hubs” in Sheridan County, welcome the questions and certainly learn from them.

What kinds of questions? Anything and everything.

I thought I’d use today’s column to share examples of the great variety of things that all of you (and our visitors) ask us about Sheridan County. Every one of the following questions came in just last week. We could build our own trivia game! 

Let’s see … there was the traveler who wanted help in identifying a bird she had just spotted (it was an immature Golden Eagle) … the Sheridan resident who needed to find the contact for Sheridan High School’s Class of ’62 reunion … the person who wanted to know where she could buy the American Cancer Society daffodils … the out-of-town caller who wanted to find his old friend who used to own a business in Sheridan ….  the event organizer who wanted to know if any places in town still had rooms for our busiest weekend in May … the committee member calling from her car for quick directions to a meeting she couldn’t find … the young man who’ll be playing high goal polo here this summer needing an inexpensive place to stay for the three months … the deliveryman who dropped by for help in finding an obscure address … the elementary school student from Pennsylvania who wrote asking for information about the Wagon Box Fight for a school project (good for him!). 

Where do I go to get a passport? How do I contact the County Commissioners? What’s the phone number of the Chamber of Commerce in Tucson? Does Sheridan have an older singles group, or how would I start one? Where are the Easter egg hunts this year? (It’s that time of year….)  

On the business side, there was the non-profit organization needing historical and current demographic data to support a grant request … the home-based business wanting to know opportunities in Sheridan for a vendor booth … the visitor asking where he could buy a Wyoming sweatshirt … the traveler needing to have that odd sound in his RV engine checked out … the local business that’s planning an event in conjunction with Rodeo Week and wanting to brainstorm some advertising ideas.

How do I get to the Green House Living cottages? Where is Forward Sheridan’s office? What’s that new construction happening out on West 5th Street? How can I find empty retail space to lease or buy? Who can help me with the permitting and regulations in getting my new business started? Where do I buy Rodeo tickets? Where can I get something “made in Wyoming” for my wedding guests? I’ve been living on fast food for a week – where might I get a good steak?   

You may be wondering by now how we handle all these questions?  Clearly, some are more challenging than others.  We are committed to recommending our Chamber of Commerce members first.  And sometimes, we have to do a lot of digging (which results in us learning something new). Our vision is “to be the #1 Resource for Business in Sheridan County”.  All of you – businesses and individuals alike – help us stay focused on that vision.

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