Cautionary Advice – Repairs for Severe Weather Damage

Severe Weather After the severe weather over the past couple of weeks, Sheridan County has been inundated with out of town businesses trying to capitalize on the damage caused by these storms. Some are even going as far as to say that they are the only provider that “your insurance company will allow.”

The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, along with Downtown Sheridan Association and Big Horn Homebuilders Association, would like to offer these tips:

1. Always read “the fine print” before signing anything. Most of the time our first instinct is to trust people, especially when they mention being associated with an insurance company, but it is always a good idea to double check.

2. Ask questions! The more questions you ask, the more you learn about a business and whether or not they are reputable and local.

3. DO NOT give money on the spot. Most reputable businesses will not ask for more than a small deposit before the work is completed.

4. If you have ANY doubt in your mind, tell them you will get back to them and get their contact information.

5. If someone tells you they are the only company your insurance provider will allow you to use, please call your insurance provider and double check. Timi Burr, Executive Director of the Big Horn Homebuilders Association, says “I’ve heard from several people who have said their insurance company has told them to use a local contractor.”

According to Mark Demple, an associate of Bob DeFries with Farm Bureau Financial, “ Farm Bureau will not ever send any type of contractor to a client’s home or business to do an estimate. They will only send their own adjustors and that will be at a time coordinated with the client.” Farm Bureau will provide them with a list of contractors but it is 100% the client’s choice who they use. Demple says his advice to his clients is to “ask yourself the question, if they fix my roof today, will they still be around in a year if I need another repair done?”

“We are very fortunate in Sheridan County to have many skilled and reputable contractors and businesses that are able to provide the repair work in our community. We strongly encourage you to “Think Local First” when having repair work done,” states Dixie Johnson, Chamber CEO. Our local contractors and businesses are invested in Sheridan County and, in many cases, are also our neighbors and friends. They support our community, so let’s support them.

If you have any questions or need more information about finding a local contractor, please call the Chamber office at (307) 672-2485 or visit,, or for directories of local businesses.

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