We’re All In This Together

Ryan KoltiskaBy Ryan Koltiska
Director of Marketing & Communications
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

 [This article originally appeared as a “Community Perspectives” article in The Sheridan Press, December 20, 2014.]

 I’m impressed, Sheridan. Truly.

We can sit around all day long and talk about all the problems in Sheridan and all the things we wish would be, but then we would just be sitting, while all around us passionate, hardworking, visionary people are building up this community. Individuals, businesses, and non-profits alike seem to be getting the point: We are all in this together.

That last statement rings true, especially in an isolated area like Sheridan County that is not a bedroom community to a large city, or even near one. We need each other, because Denver won’t likely be feeding into Sheridan anytime soon. We need each other in Sheridan County, and I think we’re getting it.

I see this spirit when I attend economic development meetings where the City, County, non-profits, businesses, and energetic citizens come together to resolve public concerns like air service. We all want it to work because it is best for Sheridan.

I see camaraderie from those serving on the Community Holiday Dinner, Leadership Sheridan, and Chamber Business Retention and Expansion Committees, just to name a few. Sheridanites want their peers and neighbors to succeed.

I see businesses understanding the concept that if they take care of the community, the community will take care of them. The reverse is true as well. I just heard one business owner express her gratitude because she feels like this community is so supportive of her business endeavors.

How about this? Chamber Bucks are at an all-time high! What does that mean? Sheridan wants Sheridan to flourish, so people are giving Chamber Bucks as gifts to keep the money at local Chamber Businesses. We’ve beat our goal of $65,000 ($67,150 so far) this year with more than half of it being from the month of December. I am convinced that people are thinking local first.

Even more fun is seeing the community out in droves with their Stroll buttons on searching for their button numbers in local businesses. I’ve had several people tell me how much fun they were having visiting stores they didn’t even know were in Sheridan. Lots of “Stroll-ers” were mentioning that they specifically are coming out just trying to Get Caught Shopping. Businesses who haven’t had Stroll Button winners in years are reporting winners this year. Sheridan is having fun…together.

Now, we all need to make a living and we all have personal goals, and businesses want to grow, so I’m not so naïve as to think people are 100% altruistic, but I’m not so convinced what is happening in Sheridan would be possible if people were being completely selfish. I prefer to believe, with substantial evidence from what I see around me, the people and businesses in Sheridan are public-spirited.

So now I ask you (a citizen who is interested enough in this community to read the Community Perspectives column) to tell us some great stories about the businesses, owners, and employees in Sheridan County. Every year, the Chamber of Commerce presents Chamber businesses and their employees with awards for being a part in all I have just described. In the spirit of the season, I ask you to help us recognize those businesses who are working hard to make substantial contributions to the Sheridan area, who spend countless hours for the betterment of the community, and especially for those who have been doing it for so many years. Please take a few minutes and visit www.sheridanwyomingchamber.org and click on the link for Nominations for Chamber Business Awards. We are in this together, and sometimes a little encouragement and recognition goes a long way.

Thank you, Sheridan, for being you. I dare you to keep up the good work.

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