Community Partner Spotlight: Advanced Communications Technology (ACT)

ACT logo - resized for footerThe Internet as we know it has changed dramatically since Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) first came to Sheridan in 2001. In fact, less than 10 years ago many businesses relied on a service known as a T1, a dedicated internet service that has symmetrical speeds of 1.5Mbps. Now it’s amazing to look back and see how demand for high speed connectivity has increased over the past decade. Simply put, speed is king and that is why ACT has invested in our community to keep up with the change in high speed internet.

How much has the demand increased? After T1 was not enough, copper DSL was put into place which brought speeds up to 10Mbps and is still used today in various areas. After that, fiber optics starting replacing copper networks because with fiber, there is no distance limit from central office locations. These fiber networks are now deploying speeds over 100 Mbps and even 1Gbps. To put that in perspective, 1Gbps is over 1,000 times faster than a T1 connection!

ACT saw this change coming and did not want Sheridan to fall behind. That is why they have increased their network in and out of Sheridan dramatically over the past 14 years. They have worked with various business owners and thank all of you who have supported this expansion throughout the community.

ACT - Plow Train 05.05.15ACT also realizes that speed is not the only deciding factor, as customers need a robust and reliable network. Therefore, last summer ACT expanded its long-haul fiber network from Casper, WY down to the Wyoming/Colorado border. This provides another direct route to the internet and creates diversity on ACT’s network. This allows ACT to provide the best internet solution to the various communities we serve. (Pictured here: Plow train laying duct for the Casper-Cheyenne Fiber Build Project last year.)

Businesses in Sheridan need high speed connectivity to run day-to-day operations. Whether your business uploads documents to websites or conducts transactions over the internet, ACT works to provide the best possible Internet speeds at the most affordable price. They are committed to fiber expansion because not only does it provide better connectivity for our community, but it aids in economic development.

If you’d like more information about ACT service, visit or call (307) 673-0910.




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