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Chamber Staff - Ryan KoltiskaBy Ryan Koltiska
Director of Marketing and Communications
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

[This article originally appeared as a “Community Perspectives” column in The Sheridan Press, October 24, 2015.]

I just left a meeting with the Critical Air Service Team as we prepare for new air service in Sheridan. And I’m here to tell you today that what is about to happen to Sheridan is first class. This isn’t a twin prop. This isn’t an old airline or an old airplane. This isn’t something that is just being thrown together so we can say “at least we have air service in Sheridan.” It’s different than we have ever had, and many of us remember what we have had recently, and different is really good.

Fly Sheridan logo with taglineSheridan, welcome to your own private charter. Seriously, some of what we are getting is better than you ever had before. This airline isn’t focused on the whole country, they are focused on you. You ARE going to get to Denver, because this jet service has earned top ratings from the NCAA for their reliability and service as they fly sports teams across the nation. This isn’t their first rodeo.

Denver Air Connection has been flying scheduled chartered services from Grand Junction successfully for years and Sheridan is next. We’re not reaching into the bottom of the barrel, we’re getting the cream of the crop.

Just imagine showing up at the Sheridan airport, parking in the lot where there is always room, and it’s 5 or 10 minutes from your home. Skip the security, watch your baggage load on the jet, and fly to Denver fast. Get off the plane at Denver and step into a brand new bus, luggage loaded in just 5 minutes as you watch. Here’s the best part: Ride 5 minutes to the main terminal through a gate only we are allowed to go through. Did I mention how well we are being treated? We are literally the only people able to do what we are doing at Denver International Airport. Wade Goetz, Denver Air Connection’s top dog, says DIA is bending over backwards for us to make this the best possible experience.

Grab your bags off the brand new bus at the main terminal and head to the counter of your next flight. Or, if you are getting ready to grab a flight on Denver Air Connection, how does the top-rated customer service counter sound for you?  That’s what you’ll get at the main terminal with Denver Air Connection.

I’m not trying to put lipstick on a pig and sell you something that’s substandard. I only want to relay what I heard in the Critical Air Service Team meeting today, and it wasn’t a discussion about trying to market this new service in a way that is covering up problems. On the contrary, it was focused on how we can let people know that what is coming is something good. This is good. It’s reliable, it’s a jet, and it’s First Class.  



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