Project Scrum Team – Project Owner

Flood Marketing is seeking a Project Owner who understands the vision of a particular
project from the viewpoint of the client/end user/stakeholders and conveys that vision
to the Scrum team. You will be responsible for managing priorities, understanding the
project team’s backlog of work, and clearly communicating the necessary details
around the work from the backlog to the team.

Vibes & Things
You are passionate about marketing and have a thorough understanding of the
industry. You are an incredible communicator, superbly organized with a killer ability to
prioritize client needs; who combines charisma with a genuine delight at interfacing
with clients and is capable of keeping your emotions/stress level in check despite
enormous challenges. You enjoy developing and communicating a clear scope of work
to clients and, once the work has been signed, generating excitement about a
particular project to the team. You know what the definition of “done” means. You’re
not afraid to determine what is most important and communicate that plainly. You
know how and when to say no. You love being your client’s biggest advocate and your
team’s biggest advocate – sometimes you feel like you’re a swiss army knife. You
spend so much time thinking about prioritization, it hurts. You have great mechanisms
and skills to gather consensus, create alignment on tasks, and help move a team
forward. You’re a rockstar in a can with energy to boot.

Responsibilities & Expectations
● Develop and maintain the Scrum team project backlog
● Create appropriately detailed specifications for project features and tasks that
have clear criteria for being completed
● Act as a liaison between the Scrum team and the client
● Motivate the Scrum team, clearly understanding and conveying the project goal
● Work alongside Business Development Executives to develop and pitch a scope
of work to various clients
● Work with additional Flood stakeholders (CEO, COO, Owners) to understand
and ensure successful completed projects
● Maintain a relationship with clients throughout the duration of project
● Available to Scrum team at all times and in the dedicated framework
● Attend various scrum events (sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint reviews,

Required Skills
● Thorough understanding of required phases and requirements involved with
various product offerings including, but not limited to, websites (including
e-commerce), brand development, videography/photography, SEO, strategic
messaging, and public relations
● Ability to articulate decisions quickly
● Organized, with excellent attention to detail
● Proper etiquette with regard to communication, including appropriate grammar
● Highly skilled in efficiency management
● Ability to prioritize effectively
● Ability to adapt and learn quickly
● Collaborative and welcome ideas, generous team player
● Ability to solve problems creatively and collaboratively
● Willingness to develop and learn new techniques for the betterment of the

Ideal Characteristics
● Previous experience working within an agile/scrum framework
● Previous sales and management experience
● Embraces the values of agile and eagerness to always welcome change when it
benefits clients and the company
● Occasional availability past regularly scheduled hours
● Experience working within G Suite
● Enjoy working in an open office environment
● Expert level cookie baking – soft, not hard

Project Owner Success Metrics
● Stakeholders and the Scrum team alike trust your ability to lead, motivate, and
○ The Project Owner knows how to solve conflicts and thrives in critical
○ Clients understand the value they are receiving and trust Flood.
○ The Scrum team is motivated and encouraged by the work they produce.
○ There is a clear understanding of all project goals known by the Scrum
team at any point during the project.
○ The Project Owner clearly communicates and leads strategic discussions
with clients (including, but not limited to, discussions such as: initial
project pitch, message mapping, “Only” exercise, sprint reviews).
○ The Scrum team believes the Project Owner is approachable and
consistently available.
● The project backlog is consistently fully-prioritized and satisfies stakeholders.
○ The Project Owner is responsible for separating the important incoming
requests from the less important, and prioritizing accordingly.
○ Stakeholders regularly understand why a particular increment of work
was worked on and delivered.
● The project backlog is visible, transparent, and clearly communicated in a way
that the Scrum team knows exactly what needs done during the current and
upcoming sprints.
○ All projects have clear, appropriately detailed specifications.
○ The backlog is always up to date.

More Information on Scrum

All qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, résumé, and three
references to . Pay DOE.

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