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Our Featured Member for September is Wyarno Bar & Grill, a place that has been around since the turn of the last century, the early 1900’s!

 Wyarno Bar & Grill is located in a small unincorporated town, Wyarno, which is not a one horse town, but actually had two horses (see early picture above).

Originally named “Arno,” after a river in Italy, Wyarno is home to a bar & grill, post office, and a community center.

Over the years this property has seen many changes. It began as a railroad station, owned by Ralph and Marge Beetem. Back then, The Wyarno Store sold mostly staples, canned goods, and shells. Later Ralph added beer. The Whitfords later purchased the property and continued the store/bar. 

The Wyarno Bar & Grill property includes a community hall, which was originally a flour mill called The Dutch Creek Flour Mill. It served the farmers and ranchers by turning their grain into flour. Unfortunately, the flour mill went out of business in 1928. The community hall was created by cutting off the top of the flour mill and leaving the bottom. The community hall has been home to dances for decades and is available to rent for private parties and events.

Wyarno Bar & Grill - today

In 1999, the property was purchased by Jim O’Daniel, who spent the next three years remodeling. He has added a full restaurant in addition to the bar, remodeled the interior and exterior of the buildings, and added pool tables and many more amenities. (Pictured right is the Bar & Grill today.)

The menu includes homemade soups, “from scratch” sauces, and many other delectable choices. For those who don’t know where Wyarno is, just head out East 5th Street past the Information Center 9 miles. You will know you’re in the town of Wyarno when you reach three or so buildings on the left side of the road. The atmosphere is great, and Wyarno Bar & Grill is worth the travel. Come on out for a nice drive, beautiful view, a fireplace, or sitting out on the deck. The restaurant/bar is open Thursday through Sunday, 11 am to 9 pm, through October. Their winter hours begin in November, when they’ll be closing at 8 pm.

Owner Jim O’Daniel and Manager Sara Silla thank the community for their support and look forward to continuing to serve Sheridan County. They are celebrating their 9th year in business this month, so watch for upcoming specials. Wyarno Bar & Grill’s office number is (307) 672-2128 and the restaurant is (307) 737-2510.

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