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Albertsons - Dec 2011

The team at Albertsons, our Featured Member for January, is guided by this mission statement: “To provide the Sheridan neighborhood with a superior grocery shopping experience enhanced by local expertise, national strength, and a passion for our customers.” And they do it well.

The grocery business at 1865 Coffeen Ave. that is now Albertsons started under the Buttrey’s name over 30 years ago, in 1978. It became Albertsons in 1998 and is now one of over 200 Albertsons in the Western U.S., owned by the nationwide SuperValu corporation. Several of the current employees have been with the store all the way back to the late 1970s. Robert Palmer, store manager, has been with the Sheridan store 10 years. (That’s Robert pictured above, standing at the meat/seafood counter.)

The highlight last year, of course, was the major remodel of the entire store. This was also a major pat on the back from parent SuperValu in seeing Sheridan, selected over many other locations, as having a viable economy for making such a significant ($2.5 million) new investment. The remodel project gave our Albertsons store a new, clean, fresh look and also brought more product offerings, such as expanded produce selections, a gluten-free section, and a much wider range of ethnic foods.

How about some store factoids? The week leading up to Christmas 2011 was the best week in sales of the past 12 years! That week they sold $20,000 in seafood alone. They sold 1,000 lobster tails in the week before Christmas and the week before New Year’s combined. And that’s in “beef and potatoes” Wyoming! Another surprise, in terms of sales: the year-round #1 food category is chips; #2 is soda pop. The busiest time of the week, by far, is Thursday mornings. (The Thursday 10% senior discount and the coming weekend both make a big difference.) The second busiest time is all day on Saturdays.

What is the Sheridan Albertsons most proud of? Its customer service. (The store ranked 14th out of all 200+ Albertsons stores in customer service for 2011.) Also, the quality of fresh food, especially produce. Robert also noted the team’s spirit of giving back to the community – the store itself gives almost $170,000 of food each month to Sheridan food banks and a 5-person Albertsons team serves lunch once a month at the Senior Center, in addition to many individual associates giving volunteer time in the community.

What are the “challenges” for the store? Staying current with buying habits, especially with economic changes. The down economy hasn’t so much affected total sales, but it has definitely affected what people want to buy. Robert’s immediate example was that the customer who bought ribeye steaks four years ago is now buying round steaks, or even ground beef.

Albertsons always welcomes your business and your suggestions. Hours are 6 am to 10 pm (11 pm in the summer). Check out their ads and their website, http://www.albertsons.com(where you can sign up for emails with more savings). albertsons-logo

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