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From Scott Badley, City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office receives numerous requests for information to clarify what is required to have alcohol in public. I hope to shed some light on how and why the city is involved in regulating alcohol within the city limits.

Locally, Sheridan County issues licenses and permits in the county, and the City of Sheridan issues licenses and permits in the city. When we talk about licenses, the term means a license to dispense alcohol for the entire 12-month license period. There are seven types of liquor licenses the city can issue: retail, restaurant, bar and grill, resort, limited (club), microbrewery and winery.

The city has issued all 22 retail licenses authorized by state population formulas. By virtue of meeting some statutory hoops, restaurant licenses are not subject to restrictions on how many the city can issue, and at last count the city has issued 11 restaurant licenses. The state legislature recently increased the number of bar and grill licenses, based upon population; the city has four allotted and we currently have issued two.

The city also has an open container ordinance that prohibits the consumption and/or possession of open containers of alcohol by businesses, groups or individuals while in public areas that do not have a license or temporary permit. Therefore, a business that does not have a liquor license or hasn’t obtained a 24-hour permit may not serve or allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises. That is why the city requires those using city parks or businesses holding a function serving alcohol to obtain a permit.

To summarize, the state sets the rules on the types of licenses and permits required to consume alcohol in public. The city requires, by virtue of the open container ordinance, the 24-hour permits for specific events. If you have questions on what the city requirements are for alcohol, please contact the City Clerk’s Office – 674-6483, option #7 – to have your questions answered.

Chamber Note: Click here for a printable copy of the full document, which includes a little more background information that was deleted in the above text because of length. It is important that any organization planning to serve alcohol is aware of these requirements.

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