Sheridan: An Exceptional Place

Chamber Staff - Dixie Johnson, Executive Director

Dixie Johnson,
Executive Director
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

This article was published on the “Community Voice” page
of The Sheridan Press, October 20, 2012.

We at the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce have had another exceptionally busy week. At the beginning of the week, we joined with Sheridan College in presenting programs with Coach Don Meyer – Hall of Fame NCAA basketball coach – with his personal story of inspiration and his lessons for business leadership.

Tuesday and Wednesday were our Candidate Forums, where candidates in the November 6th election shared their views with the voting public. More and more, we recognize that the men and women we elect will make a difference in the future direction and regulatory environment of our nation, county, towns, and schools. (For those of you who missed the live forums, they are being re-broadcast on Optimum Cable Channel 21, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10 am and 6 pm, starting October 24 and through November 3.)

Wednesday was also our October “Business After Hours” (the 3rd Wednesday of every month), a premier Chamber networking event and member benefit that helps keep the business community connected both personally and in our business endeavors. Then Thursday was Sheridan’s second “CA$H MOB” – an almost-spontaneous gathering at Cottonwood Kitchen Shop for a spending spurt to boost that business and support the local economy.

We’ve also been actively at work with the new air service task force (now called the Critical Air Service Team), the ongoing Economic Development Task Force, and planning for this year’s Christmas Stroll (mark your calendar – November 23).

It’s exciting to be in the midst of all that is happening in the Sheridan County community – programs and movements that educate us, bring us together, and move us forward. Programs and activities that celebrate who we are and what we can be.

The Chamber of Commerce is certainly not the only organization leading or involved in efforts like these.

Over 100 people continue to meet in small groups – the Poverty Study Circles – to understand living in poverty in Sheridan County and what we might do to help lift people out of that condition. Community leaders are studying the possibility of a Downtown Development Authority to provide more support to the Sheridan downtown district. Another group is working on the next steps of North Main improvements, as well as the relocation of the north exit. Others are working to ensure the renewal of our 4% lodging tax, used to attract visitors to our community. Yet others are doing the railroad study for possibly re-rerouting the tracks. Both our hospital system and our college continue to expand and excel. Our art and theater world continues to enhance our community. (Last weekend we had opera broadcast to us live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City!) And that’s just to name some of what’s going on.

Last month I met again with the Wyoming Chamber Partners, bringing together chamber of commerce directors from all over the state. We share ideas and challenges, and we support one another. But there was a comment made by one of the speakers that has particularly stayed in my mind over the last few weeks. That speaker greeted us, then said “If you’ve seen one chamber … (pause)… well, you’ve seen one chamber.”

He’s right, of course. Every chamber of commerce is different and each has a uniquely different constituency with uniquely different needs

But it’s even more exciting to recognize that this can apply to communities as well, in an even greater way. “If you’ve seen one community … well, you’ve seen one community.” Especially Sheridan!

Can you think of any other community like ours? We’re not perfect, but we’re not sitting still either! And so many of you are active participants in the process, as we celebrate what we’re all about and continue to work toward our future.

Thank you 2019 Community Partners

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