Community Partner Spotlight: Kennon

Kennon - goldIf you haven’t been paying attention to Kennon, it’s probably time you do. This fast-growing business is protecting high value assets all over the world, and it’s happening in your own backyard.

Kennon Airplane CoverKennon’s primary focus is to reduce or eliminate damage caused by weather, dust, moisture, corrosion, sunlight, heat and other environmental factors that can cause expensive repairs. We’re not talking about a snowmobile cover or a cover for your backyard BBQ grill. Think bigger! Kennon is providing protective products for some of the most expensive equipment in the world, like multi-million dollar aircraft for the US Department of Defense. They are using state of the art materials to create products worthy of protecting an aircraft like the F-22, for example.

But wait, there’s more! Kennon continues to do what hasn’t been done before and create new products like the Kennon Clamp. This new invention changes how fasteners are attached to composite airframes, saving installation Los Angeles Dodgersand repair costs. Even more, they are using these clamps to install the Kennon Cabin Liner, providing a safer and quieter environment in military transport aircraft. Multi-million dollar aircraft doesn’t get you excited? How about the new rodent-proof product Kennon just created for the Los Angeles Dodgers? (pictured right)

It’s hard to believe all this is happening on Main Street in Sheridan, but stop by their location at 2071 North Main and get ready for a treat! After just a few minutes touring Kennon, you’ll be amazed at the talent, creativity, and fun packed inside. You will also find that Kennon’s team of material scientists, along with their chemical, industrial, electrical, and mechanical engineers, have deep capabilities and are passionate about solving challenging problems.

Owner Ron Kensey started Kennon in 1984 and continues to be a leader in product innovation. He is also a leader in the Sheridan community and volunteers in and supports a number of civic organizations. The Sheridan County Chamber is pleased to have Kennon as a Gold Community Partner.

For more information, check out to see all the products and projects Kennon currently has under way.

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