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Chamber Staff - Ryan Koltiskaby Ryan Koltiska
Director of Marketing and Communications
Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

[This article originally appeared as a guest column in The Sheridan Press, June 18, 2015.]

When you ask people to describe Sheridan, you get about as many answers as people you ask. From my perspective, Sheridan is deeply home.

My great-grandfather homesteaded the ranch that my family still owns. I went to the same elementary school my parents went to. My pediatrician from childhood now takes care of my son. I drive around town and I don’t just see people, I see memories of my life. I moved away for a few years, but I soon realized that Sheridan is unquestionably home. Sheridan is where I want to raise my family, enjoy the outdoors, and further my career aspirations.

But ask someone else and the response will probably be completely different.

Sheridan is Western and historic, yet modern in business practices and world-class education, arts and museums. Sheridan has mountains, plains, farming and ranching, while also hosting world-class golfing and polo. Sheridan is a great place to retire, yet young entrepreneurs are thriving here. Sheridan is quiet and serene, but take a look at the community calendar and you’ll never want for something to do.

This past year, the Economic Development Task Force (which includes stakeholders like the City of Sheridan, Sheridan County, Forward Sheridan, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, Sheridan Travel & Tourism, Downtown Sheridan Association, North Main Association, and Sheridan College) decided to take on the task of branding Sheridan. Our purpose was not to force an identity on Sheridan, only to identify and communicate Sheridan’s identity with more precision. What was discovered was something that so many of us know: Sheridan is the obvious choice for living, working, playing … whatever it is we choose to do, we know that Sheridan is the place to do it.

Sheridan-logo-05.21.15-croppedAnd the result? Sheridan, Wyoming: Naturally. 

Naturally, meant both as an adjective describing the natural surroundings, the community personality and outdoor activities and an adverb, as in, “of course Sheridan.”

Sheridan is naturally: beautiful, simple, diverse, Western, friendly, educated, brewed, authentic, mountainous, adventurous, vibrant, tough, real … you name it.

Now, we may have a shiny new logo and tagline, but this branding process didn’t just start last year: The reality is the transformation, investment and personality of Sheridan has been in process since it was founded. Some of the iconic places to visit were built a hundred years ago. Cornerstone events like Sheridan WYO Rodeo have been in existence for decades (85 years for the rodeo), Sheridan’s key assets were developed over years by thousands of people with vision for a town that we are quite proud of, and rightly so. What am I trying to say? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Sheridan is no exception. The community developed because of our citizens and it happened (dare I say it…) naturally. People moved to Sheridan, people loved it, people wanted to konw what all the fuss is about and people came and found out. The process continues.

What is it that you find irresistible about Sheridan? What is Sheridan to you? We would love to hear from you and find out what you’ve got to say about Sheridan. Visit us at the Chamber booth at the first Third Thursday Street Festival on June 18 to write your comments on the Sheridan Naturally banner, and then be eligible to win some cool Sheridan T-shirts and caps.

This is your town; you’ve been branding it for years.

Come and celebrate with us on June 18 from 5-9 pm at Third Thursday.









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