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2016 Legislative Forum Agenda Set

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Economic Development Comes Largely From Within

I'm going to throw out a phrase to you that is sure to get you excited. Wait for it. Here it is: "economic development." Wow, that phrase is better than caffeine at getting you pumped up, don't you think? OK, maybe not. But maybe I can encourage you to keep reading so that I can at least share some of my enthusiasm.
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Election 2016 in Sheridan County

Primary Election, Tuesday, August 16 * General Election, Tuesday, November 8. In addition to the U.S. Presidential election, there will again be a number of statewide and local positions on the ballot.
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Downturn Will Impact State, But Efforts Will Buffer the Blow

The state of Wyoming continues to receive harsh economic news and projection around the energy industry. The impacts of the extractive industry downturn - both coal and oil/gas industries - have layoffs of employees and indirect impacts via retail sales, school populations, and increased social burdens. And Sheridan is and will be impacted.
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Taking Care of Each Other

I had the pleasure this week of speaking with a couple who are starting a new business in the area, something they have been diligently working on for over a year. As we discussed their business, we also started talking about the business community. One question they asked: “Does your business community take care of each other?” My short answer was “Yes, yes we do.”
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State of the City

"The state of the city is in good shape," Sheridan Mayor John Heath said during the annual State of the City address Monday evening at the Sheridan City Council meeting.
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Legislative Forum – January 26-27

This year's two-day Legislative Forum - next Tuesday and Wednesday, January 26-27 - will be providing over 30 Sheridan County organizations and individuals the opportunity to share updates and issues with our county's representatives to the Wyoming State Legislature (which convenes for the 2016 session on February 8).
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Wyoming / Sheridan County Demographics

The U.S. Census Bureau and the Wyoming's Economic Analysis Division have just updated their population statistics for the country, states, and counties. The July 2015 estimated population for the United States is now 321 million (up 0.8% from last year). And the new population estimate for Wyoming is 586,107 (up 0.3%).
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First Class

I just left a meeting with the Critical Air Service Team as we prepare for the new Denver Air Connection service in Sheridan. And I’m here to tell you today that what is about to happen to Sheridan is First Class. Sheridan, welcome to your own private charter. Seriously, some of what we are getting is better than you ever had before. This airline isn’t focused on the whole country, they are focused on YOU....
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