WY Sheridan?

Sheridan: Focusing on the Future

Thinking of pioneering a new future for yourself and your family?

There are few choices more important, or more challenging, than the choice of where to locate your home or business. With today’s technologies and transportation options, you no longer have to put making a living ahead of living life to the fullest. Increasingly, you consider just as carefully where to raise your children as you do the salary you are paid. Sheridan, Wyoming offers the ideal combination of business and family benefits to allow you, your family and your business to enjoy a prosperous future.

When you choose Sheridan as your home, you choose an outdoor lifestyle, excellent schools and medical facilities, safe streets, and friendly neighbors. You also choose a community that will take an active role in your success. From helping you find a home or a business facility that meets your needs to providing a top-shelf education to your children and your workforce, the Sheridan community stands ready to assist.

Wyoming’s business-friendly tax structure and employee training incentives, combined with Sheridan’s business-ready infrastructure and properties, make it the ideal destination for the entrepreneurial pioneers that drive our economy.

Plan your visit to Sheridan today. We will be happy to connect you with local experts to answer all your relocation questions. Call our Chamber of Commerce at (307) 672-2485 and let’s visit about your future in Sheridan!


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