2022 Boot Kick-Off, Stick Horse Barrel Race Winners Announced

SHERIDAN, WY (JULY 12, 2022) – The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Board kicked off Sheridan WYO Rodeo Week with the annual Boot Kick-Off and Stick Horse Barrel Races on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, at Whitney Commons Park.

The Stick Horse Barrel Races started the event for children 8 and younger. Participants had to run as fast as possible on their stick horses around barrels and back to the start. The top three winners in each category were:

Ages 4 and Under:

First place – Lani Davis

Second place – Gavin Graham

Third place – Neil Edwards

Ages 5 & 6:

First place – Brexton Newman

Second place – Jasper Edwards

Third place – Taylynn Lane

Ages 7 & 8:

First place – Micah Medill

Second place – Weston Headlee

Third place – Presley Holden

The Boot Kick-Off was held following the Stick Horse Barrel Races. Participants competed to see who could “kick off” their boot the farthest. The top three winners in each category were:

Ages 9-12 Girls & Boys:

First place – Lake Decker

Second place – Alex Heid

Third place – Logan Miller

Ages 13-17 Girls:

First place – Kiani Mauck

Second place – Olivia Holwell

Third place – Silvia Newman

Ages 13-17 Boys:

First place – Rolly Hartman

Second place – Cole Connors

Third place – Walter Newman

Ages 18 & Up Women:

First place – Sarah Rohrer

Second place – Jessica Benedict

Third place – Molly Trocha

Ages 18 & Up Men:

First place – Sergio Trocha

Second place – Matt Lawson

Third place – Justin Rohrer

A total of $1,330 in Chamber Bucks was awarded to the winners. The 2022 Boot Kick Off was sponsored by Barney & Graham, LLC.

For more information about the Boot Kick-Off event, call the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce at (307) 672-2485.


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